How to Have Fun Geocaching in Texas

Fun Geocaching

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How to Have Fun Geocaching in Texas

Recently a fun Geocaching Challenge was held in Port Aransas, Texas on April 5 to 7 as noted in the Texas Coastal Wave, April 1 to 8. What is geocaching?  Geocaching is an outdoor sporting activity in which the participants use a Global Positioning System (GPS) receiver or other navigational techniques to hide and seek containers, called “geocaches” or “caches.”  It is a treasure-hunting game for people of all ages.  Several resources are listed below for fun geocaching in Texas. View details at on how to get started and sign up for a free basic membership.

According to the Port of Aransas Chamber of Commerce, the Texas Geocaching Association’s Mega Event was a big hit.  One of the attendees stated:

“I wanted to personally thank your city for letting us have our Annual Texas Challenge XI in your town. ALL the people and businesses were all so nice and even were helpful leading us in the right direction to find some. I was very leery of having this event in an urban setting since last year we had it in a State Park but because of your towns’ hospitality, my expectations were exceeded! ” Carla – Midland, Texas

According to, there are over a million caches worldwide. Check out Hippo Pools Zimbabwe and Vic Falls earthcache in Africa or Virtuals in Walt Disney. Some caches are 10 years or older, including Frisbee Fun and The Elves Launch a Rocket to the Moon.

Kinds of hidden caches you may find are:

A hollow rock cache among other rocks
Doghouse that barks when opened
Box with a frog in it that plays a banjo when opened
Artificial hornet’s nest with a bottom that twists off mounted on a branch near a creek

Interested in geocaching in Texas? Take a look at a couple of geocaching places in Texas and happy to say the list is growing.

To find fun geocaching places in Texas, look at these two websites:
Texas Geocaching Association

Three short fun geocaching videos to watch to give you a taste:
1)    The Most Evil Geocache Hide Ever – time:  2:21

2) Presents: Creative Geocaches – time: 3:25

3)    Geocaching Intro – Texas Parks and Wildlife [Official] – time:  2:32

Fiction Books for geocaching fun and mystery:
Cached Out by Russell Atkinson (Cliff Knowles Mysteries)
First to Find by Morgan Talbot – Women’s
Waypoint: Cache Quest Oregon by Shauna Shober
Ben and the Geocache Treasure by Heather Gregory for children
North of Beautiful by Justina Chen Headley – young adult