How to Participate in Christmas Bird Counts in Houston, Texas

Bullock's OrioleHow to Participate in Christmas Bird Counts in Houston, Texas


The 113th Annual Christmas Bird Counts is being organized by the Houston Audubon Society starting December 14 going through January 5, 2013. For the first time, there is not a $5 charge to participate in Christmas Bird Counts in Houston, Texas. The annual Christmas Bird Counts is designed to help protect our extraordinary birds.

Ferruginous HawksWhy the Christmas Bird Counts? It records the number and distribution of birds in the Western Hemisphere which are entered into a database(s) shared by various private and government entities. For last year’s count, visit the Audubon’s website.

Counts of all skill levels are welcome in Christmas Bird Counts. Novice birders can be grouped with more experienced birders. Birders in the Upper Texas Coast and Coastal Bend areas can locate their specific date.




Audubon Houston: An Ornithologist’s Perspective on Counting Birds by Robert McFarlane

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