Volunteer to Benefit the Texas Beaches

Quintanan Park

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Volunteer to benefit the Texas beaches on Dunes Day on Saturday 19, 2013. Last year on Dunes Day, 250 volunteers of residents, groups and local troops came out to Quintana Park Beach. Also, Stahlman Park on Bluewater Highway, Surfside is a meeting place for volunteers.

Arrive by 9 a.m. at the Registration Area and dress for the weather. Bring along work gloves, a hammer, and drinking water. At noon, a volunteer meal will be served in the Registration Area.

Two places to volunteer to benefit the Texas beaches:

Stahlman Park on Bluewater Highway Quintana Beach County Park
Contact: James Glover Contact: Patty Brinkmeyer
979-864-1541 979-233-1461
jamesg@brazoria-county.com patty@brazoria-county.com