Going Coastal

Practical Boating Tips

Boaters are always looking for easy practical boating maintenance tips. Changing cockpit enclosures from summer mesh to Eisenglas in the winter. You find the zipper does not glide smoothly and gets stuck. If you are exasperated with those plastic steps that move around on the pier and you are about to discard them, a solution follows. Have your lines dropped down into the water and need cleaning?

Weather elements can cause your boat cover vinyl to shrink. Normally, you put the Eisenglas or Strataglass and canvas boat cover on your boat when the outdoor temperature is starting to cool but there are still warm days, so it snugly fits on your boat. However, if a cold front or temperature drop happens, you may be caught in a situation when you boat cover acts like a wet suit. Let’s take a look at a short humorous incident from Winnipesaukee Divers.