Weather elements can cause your boat cover vinyl to shrink. Normally, you put the Eisenglas or Strataglass and canvas boat cover on your boat when the outdoor temperature is starting to cool but there are still warm days, so it snugly fits on your boat. However, if a cold front or temperature drop happens, you may be caught in a situation when you boat cover acts like a wet suit. Let’s take a look at a short humorous incident from Winnipesaukee Divers.

My wet suit shrinks over the winter. That first dive each spring is such an embarrassment, I try to keep out of sight as much as possible. Talk about stress on the attachment points, when I pull the big zipper up, all I hear is: "Don't break, don't break" and then it’s done... Ten pounds of (you know what) in a five pound sack. You think to yourself: 'Man, have I let myself go over the winter? I got to get back into shape again".

Then it is one giant leap for mankind as you hit the water and nearly bounce right back up on the dock again. Once in the water it is all systems check as you hold your "BC" inflator hose over your head, push the dump valve and you’re ready to submerge. For throes non-divers, a “BC” is a buoyancy compensator, the vest that holds the tank, weights, knife, tools, snacks and the air bladder.

Motor Yacht boat coverYou hear the air rush out as you slowly sink... But wait, something is wrong, the water level is only partially up the mask and the air is all out of the "BC"! It's going to be a hard swim to the bottom where you settle down for the last minute system check; the weighs are fine, the buoyancy is good and dive system trims out good and you’re off onto the next underwater adventure.

Once you’re back to the surface and it is time to doff the suit, you slip right out. It’s amazing how much weight you lost during the first dive of the season. So, I guess the moral of this story is; take your boat cover for a swim along the bottom and it will fit ever so much better.

Included below are some practical tips for what to do when your boat cover acts like a wet suit.


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