The Grand 1894 Opera House

Grand 1894 Opera House to Celebrate 122nd Birthday, January 3


The Grand 1894 Opera House will celebrate its 122nd birthday in “Grand” style on Tuesday, January 3 with an open house from noon to 5:00 p.m. In addition to complimentary tours of the theatre, visitors to The Grand may enjoy cake and refreshments served throughout the afternoon. The event is free and open to the public. It is a great opportunity to view the magnificent The Grand 1894 Opera House. For more information on upcoming performances, call 800-821-1894 or go online at


It all started in 1894 when Henry Greenwall raised $100,000 from affluent families and 15 businesses from around Galveston for construction. The first live performance of “The Daughters of Eve” featuring Marie Wainwright was on January 3, 1895. Marie was daughter of Commander Wainwright who was Captain of the USRC Harriet Lane (1857). He was a hero defending the ship during the Civil War’s Battle of Galveston since he refused to surrender his gunboat to the Confederate forces. He died on January 1 1863 defending his ship at a locale near what is now Seawolf Park.


The Grand 1894 Opera House:  How it continues to be ‘Grand’


Designated by the Texas Legislature in 1993 as the “Official Opera House of the State of Texas.” The Grand 1894 Opera House continues to deliver the Best in Broadway, comedy, Holiday Shows, and eye-popping new productions embracing a thrilling mix of music, movement, and spectacle. For three centuries, The Grand 1894 Opera House has hosted a distinct variety of musicals, concerts, dramas, operas, ballets, films and symphonies. It is a fully operational performing arts theater, and continues to be ‘Grand.’

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The Galveston Arts Center (GAC) has reopened ArtWorks, a museum store located inside the newly restored location at 2127 Strand Street, Galveston, TX.

ArtWorks officially reopened November 13, 2015 on the eve of Galveston Art Center’s Coming Home gala celebrating the return to our pre-Ike location on Strand Street. The store focuses on unique, fine art craft and handmade designer goods from artists in Texas and throughout the country. From home wares, décor and jewelry to handcrafted wooden sunglasses, almost every item is a carefully curated collection from independent artists. The shop also has a children’s section with puppets, large floor pillows, stuffed animals, puzzles, games, and art supplies that educate, inspire, and entertain.

The fall migration is more modest than the spring. It still provides interesting bird watching around Galveston for birds on their southbound journey with coldfronts moving into Galveston. Bird watching is a hit or miss, but Orchard and Baltimore Orioles, Sandhill Cranes and Snow Geese may be a surprise sighting. Four Galveston locations for bird watching in the fall include areas in eastern and western Galveston Island, Brazoria National Wildlife Refuge and Texas City Dike.

ELISSA Tall Ship, GalvestonELISSA is a three-masted, iron-hulled sailing ship built in 1877 in Aberdeen, Scotland by Alexander Hall & Company. It bears the original builder's plate and reads as, Alexander Hall & Company, No. 294, Aberdeen, 1877. She carries 19 sails, covering approximately 12,000 square feet. ELISSA’s sailing rig is classified ‘barque’ because she carries square and fore-and-aft sails on her fore and mainmasts, but only fore-and-aft sails on her mizzenmast. ELISSA measures 205 feet from its stern to the tip of its jib boom, and displaces about 620 tons.

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Galveston FerryWhether you cross a channel with their car, bicycle or on foot…or enjoy the breezes coming off the Texas Gulf Coast, the ferry system serving Port Aransas and Galveston-Port Bolivar transports more than eight million passengers annually. The two routes operate 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, weather permitting. Peak months are June, July and August, however, March can be busy with those celebrating Spring Break and the winter months can also be busy with an influx of "winter" residents.