Port Isabel Lighthouse

According to the City of Port Isabel, "the Port Isabel historic lighthouse has been closed and undergoing renovation since November 2016. The exterior has been resurfaced and two sets of railings at the top of the lighthouse have been manufactured and replaced.

As has not been the case since some time in 2014, the catwalk will now be accessible to the public. This optional part of the tour adds an immersive 360° 16-mile view."

Published on Nov 27, 2015:  Port Isabel's downtown is uniquely located on the shoreline of the Laguna Madre Bay and has a historic lighthouse in the center of it! There are dozens of specialty shops, an art gallery, food and drink, museums, a fishing pier, a pirate ship, fishing charters, dolphin watches, fish markets, and, yes, you can stroll to the top of the Lighthouse! video