Pelican Path Project – the Birds That Unify

Celebrating the “National Bird of Seabrook”

by Mike McCann

During a hot summer June in 2000, the community of Seabrook was in desperate need of a project to encourage Seabrook’s identity as a community. Co-founders of the Pelican Path Project, Cheri Smith and Marcy Fryday, bravely began research among American cities and discovered statues of a city’s mascots (e.g., Waco, New York City, Norfolk, VA, Chicago, and Houston) placed throughout a city were a boost to citizen and business enthusiasm. Now for the challenge: How to bring Pelicans (“national bird of Seabrook”) to life?


Seabrook is between just north of Kemah and adjacent to Clear Lake. It is along Galveston Bay and is about 30 miles south of Houston. If you are visiting Kemah, Clear Lake, or League City on Thanksgiving Day and are hungry for an excellent hamburger, try Whataburger. It will be open.