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Gulf Shrimp Season

Timing of the gulf shrimp season closing is based on data taken and the projection of when brown shrimp will make their migration to the Gulf of Mexico.

Gulf Shrimp Season - 2013

Migration coincides with the brown shrimp reaching a length of three- and one-half inches. The gulf shrimp season closure date is set when brown shrimp leaves the bays.

Brown shrimp are, as you guessed it, brown. It has a reddish-purple band on its back, and a greenish or reddish color pigmentation on its tail. It is commonly seen in five Gulf Coast states: Texas, Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana and Florida. The Gulf shrimp season is June to August, with a peak season from May to September.

“Due to cooler spring temperatures and higher salinities, shrimp growth rates appear to be slower this spring,” says Texas Parks and Wildlife Department’s coastal fisheries science director Mark Fisher. According to the Texas Parks and Wildlife’s Coastal Fisheries Division, the current season is closing “about 30 minutes after sunset on May 23, usually May 15, until a still-to-be-determined time in July.”

Tell us about your personal experience with brown shrimp including eating, catching or if you know someone who owns a shrimp boat or is a part of the crew. Please comment below about Gulf shrimp season.

Photo Credit: marsmet501 via photopin cc


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