Texas Maritime Museum

Texas Maritime Museum is accredited by the American Alliance of Museums of which less than 5 percent of all museums in Texas have received accreditation. It has been accredited since 2005. The Texas Maritime Museum met the highest standard of excellence and achievement through leadership, professional operation, continued commitment to institutional improvement, and public service and accountability through fulfillment of its mission. 


The Robert J. Hewitt/ O’Connor Hewitt Foundation Maritime Collections and Education Center is the next phase in the museum’s ongoing commitment to excellence! The exterior was completed in May 2009, and the interior was completed in April 2012. The new facility added a 1,200 square foot education space, and expanded the museum’s collections space exponentially.


The Museum’s collections and exhibits are based on four central themes:

  1. History and Technology of offshore petroleum production and transportation
  2. History and Development of Texas seaports, maritime communities and maritime commerce along the Gulf of Mexico
  3. Exploration and Settlement history of the Texas Gulf Coast beginning with the Spanish and French
  4. The Texas seafood and fishing industry

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